BYOD reduces capital expenditure

BYOD reduces capital expenditure

The growth of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend is leading to a wide variety of benefits from businesses, due to increased productivity in cost savings.

Dominic Jones, managing director at Barton Technology, said BYOD has a great deal of support among business owners and managers.

He explained that the main benefit of workers using their own devices is the reduction in capital expenditure for businesses.

"By not having to buy smartphones, laptops and tablets, the hardware costs are significantly reduced and, in this economy, that's a strong incentive for many companies," he noted.

The expert also explained that allowing staff to use their own smartphones and tablets can reduce training costs as they are fully aware of how their device works, ending the need to educate staff when introducing a new database, website or customer relationship management system.

With the implementation of mobile device management business can also reduce the security risks associated with multiple devices.