BYOD provides competitive advantage

BYOD provides competitive advantage

IT managers believe that companies implementing bring your own device (BYOD) practices have a competitive advantage over those that fail to do so.

According to a study commissioned by BT, more than 80 per cent of IT professionals think that enterprises allowing employees to use personal devices are better placed than competitors.

Over three-quarters of businesses surveyed revealed that they already allow BYOD or will do within the next two years, while 60 per cent of employees claim they are permitted to connect personally-owned devices to the corporate network.

An increase in productivity was named as the major benefit of BYOD, cited by 64 per cent of IT managers, while 48 per cent said the practice allows employees to work more flexibly and just under half say it boosts customer service.

Neil Sutton, vice president, Global Portfolio at BT Global Services, said the "BYOD genie is out of the bottle", before noting that it offers opportunities and challenges in equal measure.