BYOD offers benefits but can cause difficulties

BYOD offers benefits but can cause difficulties

The growing trend of allowing employees to bring their own personal smartphones and tablets to work offers a wide range of benefits, but it can also lead to some complications.

Andy Brewerton, country manager for United Kingdom and Ireland at, said that businesses benefit from the lower costs associated with not buying their own devices.

However, he noted that, on the other hand, multiple devices can increase costs as support must be in place for a wide variety of smarthphones and tablets available.

"Potentially, people are going to bring a Mac to a windows environment, others might bring a handheld, mobile device – an iPad or smartphone, et cetera.

"The concept of BYOD is attractive in one fashion, but I think it increases the back-end costs, the management costs and it creates complexity within an organisation."

Despite concerns about the complexity that can come from operating various personal devices, a business that controls the environment can make significant savings in the long run and create a more productive workplace.