BYOD needs closer scrutiny, research suggests

BYOD needs closer scrutiny, research suggests Content Categories Photos Preview (iStock)

​Enterprises are not doing enough to increase security and test their BYOD plans, research has suggested.

That is the main finding of a new report into various media and sports new apps across the US, ranging from ESPN to Twitter to Yahoo.

Researchers using Flexera's AdminStudio Mobile product found that over two thirds of brands assessed on iOS were able to access a device's social media and SMS functionality.

Some 89 per cent of the apps analysed were able to connect with advertising networks and display in-app advertising, while 79 per cent were capable of accessing a device's location tracking functionality.

Experts have warned that the results could be considered worrying for enterprises, stating that many organisations were yet to classify what apps were risky to use within its network.

It added that a process of testing and approving the use of certain apps should be a key part of any BYOD strategy, no matter how innocuous.

The report continued: “CIOs are very good about keeping track of the myriad enterprise applications running on their networks, understanding what those applications do and mitigating risks…however few organisations extend those processes to mobile apps.

“This begs the question –is a corporate CIO putting her organisation at risk and her reputation in jeopardy by failing to understand the behaviours of mobile apps employees are using that interact with corporate systems and data?”

It added that the way an app behaves or functions may well be perfectly safe for certain organisations, but risky for others, meaning it is important to tailor policies accordingly.