BYOD ‘more viral’ than a doctor’s waiting room

BYOD ‘more viral’ than a doctor’s waiting room

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is continuing at a pace, but one expert has claimed the allowing the use of personal devices could have "more viral potential than a doctor's waiting room".

According to Dominic Jones, managing director at Barton Technology, businesses that allow staff to use their own personal devices could be putting the company and its data at risk.

He noted that it becomes extremely difficult for an employer to legally monitor and impose boundaries on the owner of the personal device.

Mr Jones noted that workers are unlikely to allow the IT manager to take a look at their personal device and update its software if it also means giving them access to private documents.

It is also difficult to guarantee that a personal device will not be used to visit unsafe websites after work hours or be used by family and friends, who may stumble across sensitive information.

One way a business can reduce the risks posed to its information is by implementing mobile device management and keeping personal and corporate data separate.