BYOD managers urged to look at encryption and recoverability

BYOD managers urged to look at encryption and recoverability

Allowing employees to use their own devices for work-related purposes offers a variety of savings for businesses, but IT manager must think about encryption and recoverability.

Andy Brewerton, country manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland at, said that recoverability is crucial and noted that backing up data is vital.

"One practicality to consider is that you've suddenly got a heterogeneous environment – it's mixed, no longer just Macs or PCs, it's a real mix of devices."

He explained that it is important to have technology that can back up any kind of device within the BYOD policy.

Another element that must be considered is protection sensitive corporate information on smartphones and tablet computers, particularly if they leave the office on a regular basis.

"The practicalities of that will lead to encryption technology. So while the data is at rest, you need to encrypt it to make sure only the right person can read it [and] there are various ways of doing that – within the same backup process," the expert concluded.