BYOD driving endpoint security

BYOD driving endpoint security

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend has become the norm for many businesses, despite concerns over security and costs.

Indeed, securing devices is now one of the top priorities for IT departments around the world.

Perhaps it is therefore unsurprising to see that BYOD is now considered to be one of the main drivers behind growth in the endpoint security market, which expected to reach a total value of $17.4 billion (£11.62 billion) by 2020.

That is the main finding of research from MarketsandMarkets, which found the increased frequency of endpoint attacks, combined with a need to mitigate IT security risks were also complicit in growth.

Endpoint security products are designed to secure devices and other pieces of hardware from attacks, viruses and malware.

Controlling devices is expected to be key in helping change the endpoint security landscape, leading to the highest levels of growth ever recorded.

Anti-virus solutions are expected to account for a sizeable chunk of the market between 2015 to 2020, driven by growing demand for mobile and tablet security.

Certain industries, such as banking, healthcare, insurance and telecommunications are set to join IT as the main sources of demand for endpoint security, with North America expected to be a key area for the market.

However, the report claims that much of the potential for growth lies within the Asia-Pacific region, mainly due to the rise in BYOD adoption rates among small and medium-sized businesses.