BYOD can reduce energy bills

BYOD can reduce energy bills

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend has a vast number of advantages, one of which is its potential to reduce the amount of energy a business consumes.

According to Darren Clare, head of internet protocol services at Zycko, employees who use their own tablets at work will generally bring them to the office fully charged.

He added that the mobile nature of the tablet means that workers will be walking around with the device, rather than sitting down with it plugged into the mains.

"Now that might not sound a lot, but when you multiply it by the amount of employees that have got their own devices running on battery, that could be seen as a huge cost-saving in energy," the expert noted.

Mr Clare explained that showcasing the energy saving capabilities of implementing BYOD within a business will lead to more firms allowing workers to bring tablets and smartphones.

A recent report by TechMarketView revealed that almost ten million workers will be using their personal devices in the office or at home by 2016.