BYOD adoption rising to 62% in SMEs

BYOD adoption rising to 62% in SMEs

The bring your own device (BYOD) is proving very popular among smaller businesses, with a new study indicating that 62 per cent of these types of firm are now adopting the working solution.

According to the SMB Group, this figure represents a doubling of BYOD usage among smaller companies, adding to the fact that SMEs are ramping up their use of customer-facing mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites.

This will enable customers to schedule appointments, make payments and access customer service elements, making the business much stronger and better at what it does.

Sanjeev Aggarwal founder of SMB Group said: "SMBs have a growing number of mobile apps and more diverse mobile devices to manage and are relying more on these mobile solutions to get their jobs done. Consequently, adoption of mobile management solutions is up 15 per cent over 2012."

The amount of money spent on mobile device management (MDM), security measures and devices in general is on the rise at the moment, as more and more businesses are looking to take advantage of the BYOD trend.

MDM provides a way for businesses to embrace the BYOD trend while maintaining an element of control over the management of the devices that employees are using on a daily basis.

It provides the ability to monitor smartphones and tablets from one place and includes a number of security measures such as a remote wipe feature to delete sensitive corporate data should it be lost or stolen and the ability to keep personal and enterprise information separated through sandboxing.

The survey also indicated that 91 per cent of small enterprises are using mobile solutions to support their business operations and boost flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

"On average, SMBs spend about 11 per cent – 20 per cent of their technology budgets in the mobile space and 68 per cent expect their companies' mobile spending to increase next year," the expert added, indicating that the trend is showing no sign of slowing down.