BYOD a ‘trend that will pass’

BYOD a ‘trend that will pass’

Even though the rise of the bring your own device seems to be gathering pace around the world, some have claimed it is just a fad that will pass.

That is the opinion of Dominic Jones, managing director of Barton Technology, who said that businesses trying to implement the practice will inevitably encounter problems, which will put them off.

"I honestly don't think that BYOD will become widespread, especially in larger organisations who take security and industrial espionage very seriously," he explained.

However, he did not that the proliferation of smartphones and tablets are having an impact on the business world.

"Remote sites, sometimes located in different countries, employees who choose to work from home and business travelers all have the common need to stay in touch and make sure they have a secure and reliable connection to head office," he concluded.

The growth of smartphones and tablets in the world of work has led to the creation of mobile device management applications, which help businesses maintain a grasp on their sensitive data and information.