BYOD ‘a right not a privilege’

BYOD ‘a right not a privilege’

Businesses in the UK may need to consider allowing employees to use their own devices as a new survey has indicate young workers believe it is a right not a privilege.

A survey conducted by Fortinet asked thousands of 20-something workers about their attitude to the bring your own device trend (BYOD).

More than half view it as their "right" to use their own personal devices at work, with many saying they would not work for a firm that did not allow them to do the same.

The 3,872 young workers responding to the BYOD survey said they regularly use their own devices at work and for enterprise purposes at home.

A third said that would happily break any anti-BYOD rules in place and "contravene a company's security policy that forbids them to use their personal devices at work or for work purposes."

Phil Gillard, general manager at, recently said that BYOD has the ability to give a new generation of workforce the capability to work efficiently.

"I think the value of that sharing of information and a collaborative approach far outweighs any potential security issues," he concluded.