Businesses believe video conferencing improves productivity

Businesses believe video conferencing improves productivity

The benefits of using video conferencing are beginning to be recognised by UK businesses, with 59 per cent of firms now claiming the technology has had a positive impact on productivity.

That is the main finding of research published by the Blue Jeans Network, which despite uncovering positive reviews of video conferencing from a sizeable majority of the 116 IT and Operations decision makers, still found that a number of firms are yet to implement the tools needed to truly capture its benefits.

Just over four in ten (41 per cent) said their organisation had the hardware needed to put them in the ideal position for achieving their overall business goals.

The figures subsequently suggest there is still a gap between the number of businesses that see video conferencing as a useful tool, and the number of organisations that actually have the infrastructure in place to fully enjoy the benefits.

Yet the research was keen to stress that many firms stand to enjoy a positive impact from implementing video conferencing as part of their workforce.

Just over two-thirds (67 per cent) of IT and Operations decision makers surveyed said they felt video conferencing has helped to boost internal morale and strengthen relationships with other organisations.

Another 82 per cent said that video conferencing helped to reduce the chances of communications being misunderstood within the business, helping to improve efficiency.

James Campanini, vice president and general manager EMEA, Blue Jeans Network, said that too many businesses were holding themselves back by not implementing the right IT infrastructure.

He added: “The hot topic in businesses right now and perhaps even more broadly is the balance between austerity measures and productivity gains, organisations are doing everything they can to help drive this and move forward efficiently."