Blanket broadband set to hand boost to small UK businesses

Blanket broadband set to hand boost to small UK businesses

This week has seen the reach of 4G extend to the 250th town in the UK, causing the march of superfast mobile broadband to continue its steady progression.

As a result, an increasing number of consumers and businesses alike are beginning to take the idea of a lightning connection speed for granted.

Not only have fixed broadband systems become quicker than ever, it is the speed of mobile internet connections that have arguably seen the most improvements.

The increased speed that comes with 4G has been one of the main catalysts in the rise of several new trends within the business world, including bring-your-own device (BYOD) and remote working.

The use of 4G means that businesses no longer have to be tied to their fixed workspace, meaning firms can use a superfast connection to attract new customers and promote their brand to grow the business, wherever they are.

Research has suggested that it is smaller businesses that are due to benefit the most from such a trend.

In last year's Barclays Online Business Outlook, around 53 per cent of online businesses said that 4G networks would help to offer a boost in the number of people using their website.

Barclay's head of technology, media and telecoms Sean Duffy told The Guardian : "With an increasingly mobile audience it's clear that online businesses need to find the time and resource to plan for the opportunities that this brings.

"We're already seeing a growing trend for consumers to browse on their mobile or tablet rather than their PC, and the introduction of 4G networks is likely to accelerate this trend."

According to figures obtained by 4G Britain, the impact of 4G led to around 86 per cent of business leaders across the UK to claim that mobile broadband would help to increase levels of productivity.