BlackBerry set to enter IoT market

BlackBerry set to enter IoT market

​The internet of things (IoT) looks set to take hold as the next big technological trend over the next few years, with a number of companies doing their very best to make inroads and get ahead of the competition.

The concept of IoT is the connection of various pieces of hardware through Wi-Fi, allowing the creation of systems that facilitates the daily lives of consumers and heightens the efficiency of businesses.

In order to succeed in the sophisticated world of IoT, companies are going to have to draw upon only the best in terms of expertise.

BlackBerry was once a giant in the hardware market, but the arrivals of Android and iOS have harmed hardware sales dramatically over the last few years.

That caused the Canadian firm to turn its attention to software and mobile device management solution – a strategy that yielded a certain amount of success.

Yet analysts have suggested that BlackBerry is turning its attention to hardware once again by entering into the realm of IoT.

An interest IoT is not unique to BlackBerry, but some analysts believe certain acquisitions could help enhance its offering.

Having spent some time with the company's chief financial officer James Yersh, Cormack analyst Richard Tse believes BlackBerry's disappointing recent quarterly results were unlikely to halt its progress.

He told Cantech Letter that "BlackBerry has all the necessary assets and its arguable presence with QNX in automobiles sets up a base for this opportunity.”

Interestingly he said it would not come as any surprise to see the company spend over $500 million (£320.47 million) in an attempt to enter the market.