BlackBerry responds after WhatsApp support ends

BlackBerry responds after WhatsApp support ends (iStock)

​Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has insisted it will stand by its Blackberry 10 OS and the developers of apps for the platform.

BlackBerry was recently dealt a blow earlier this month when Facebook at WhatsApp announced they would be dropping support for  all BlackBerry operating systems by the end of the year.

The company said it had already tried to work with both Facebook and WhatsApp in an attempt to find a solution, even urging disappointed users to take to social media and complain about the situation using the hashtag #ILoveBB10Apps.

Those efforts have proved unsuccessful, with company responding by launching a new feature on the BlackBerry World platform known as Great Apps on BlackBerry.

The service is contains a list of 20 native apps available for BB10 users, which will be updated bi-weekly.

In order for an app to make the list, it will need to be built using BlackBerry 10 Native/Cascades or WebWork HTML5, have at least a three-star rating and cannot be just a link to a web application.

The company said in a recent blog post: "Our commitment to BlackBerry 10 and to developers has not changed – we know our developer community continues to be one of the strongest proponents of BlackBerry 10 and they are creating thousands of apps every month.

"We’re also continuing whenever we can to invest in apps important to users, such as the update to the Twitter app released today with important fixes and another update coming in a month with new features. This ensures that our many BlackBerry 10 customers have the best OS and apps possible."

BlackBerry's stance on its apps comes amid a decision to move more towards Google's Android operating system through its BlackBerry Priv handset.