BlackBerry makes further progress in BYOD with release of new app

BlackBerry makes further progress in BYOD with release of new app

BlackBerry has announced the launch of its Secure Work Space app, which it says will offer security support to both iOS and Android platforms, as it looks to make further inroads within the bring your own device (BYOD) market.

The idea behind the app, which is the company's first expansion beyond its own products, is to allow the separation of personal and work data on mobile devices.

Users can receive integrated email, as well as calendars and contacts, and establish secure connections to company intranets, while also having the peace of mind to edit documents containing sensitive information, in the strictest confidence that their security will not be compromised.

According to BlackBerry, data is secure both on the device itself, and when transferred between enterprise servers.

Leif-Olof Wallin, research vice president at Gartner, said: "The concept is right and very similar to what AT&T offers with Toggle. Creating two different 'personas' on mobile devices is becoming a best practicefor enterprises. Buying it from BlackBerry is probably most relevant for enterprises that have a major commitment to BlackBerry 10 and BES10."

BlackBerry has previously relied on it remaining the smartphone brand of choice within certain enterprise circles, despite nearly 90 per cent of the smartphone market being dominated by phones running iOS and Android.

Even considering the popularity of the latter, the security capabilities of BlackBerry meant it was still the number one choice for many business users.

But in order for BlackBerry to fully take advantage of the ongoing BYOD trend that has risen within many workplaces, the availability of such an app was clearly seen as one of the best ways to take advantage.  

"It is desperately trying to win market share at, I think, the expense of margins. I don't know if it's a good strategy, because the perception of BlackBerry as high value and a premium brand could become diluted," Mr Saadi said.

The BES 10 server software is free to download, while the Secure Work Space app is set to require an annual client license charge.