BlackBerry could use BYOD to gain a foothold in the smartphone market

BlackBerry could use BYOD to gain a foothold in the smartphone market

There is a feeling in the technology world that BlackBerry is on the verge of bringing itself back into the smartphone market

Although it still does not have the same share as iOS and Android, BlackBerry has now found itself fighting it out with Windows to establish itself in third place, an ambition that some experts believe the company can achieve and even exceed.

As pointed out by writer Jason Hiner in a recent article for ZDNet, Blackberry is harnessing a trend that once threatened to cause its downfall.

The rising trend of the bring your own device movement (BYOD) has taken hold of many businesses over the course of the last five years, and BlackBerry has bought into the idea with a seemingly great amount of enthusiasm.

The company's BES backend software has become hugely popular with businesses looking to implement a successful BYOD strategy.

Its success has been so great that it has caused BlackBerry to pay closer attention to its commercial customers, leading to the recent release of BES 10.1.

In a display of both its popularity and its ambition, the new software appears to be planning an attack on the turf of both Google and Apple.

One of the most interesting features of BES 10.1 is a new module called Secure Work Space, which will enable iOS and Android the chance to enjoy the levels of security associated with BlackBerry's software.

Security has been one of the main reasons why BlackBerry has managed to perform so well in terms of sales for companies looking to implement a BYOD or mobile device management strategy. 

Until recently, the US government insisted that all of its personnel used BlackBerry, due to its superior security features.

While the imminent release of the Q5 this summer will stand a good chance of increasing the company's revenue. It is the sale of software to users on other platforms that could allow it to become a major force in the mobile market once again.