BlackBerry confirms it will release more Android devices in 2016

BlackBerry confirms it will release more Android devices in 2016

Smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has confirmed it will be focusing on creating new Android devices in 2016.

The company says it will release at least one new phone on Google's operating platform, with chief executive John Chen adding that he would also consider making a second Android device.

It comes on the back of the recently released BlackBerry Priv, which was the first model released by the company to adopt the Android platform.

Speaking at the recent CES 2015 event in Las Vegas, Mr Chen said that sales of the Priv had been impressive, setting a precedent for the release of other similar devices.

The success of the Priv has been so impressive that the company may well release as many as two new devices.

However, despite its strong sales, the Priv is still the product of a company that remains on shaky ground overall, with Mr Chen adding that if BlackBerry fails to make a profit from its smartphone business inside 2016, he will sell it.

Despite adopting Android, the company has still shown a willingness to work on the software side of its operations, particularly when it comes to security.  

David Kleidermacher, chief security officer at BlackBerry, said: "Soon after the release of Priv late last year, we announced an aggressive patching strategy and plan that would put Priv at the forefront of security hygiene across all mobile devices.

"The importance of this patching commitment and process cannot be overstated; the complex nature of mobile operating systems demands this kind of field upgrade program to meet the needs of the most privacy and security conscious consumers and enterprises."

He added that the investment and innovation shown by BlackBerry in creating security enhancements to Android has helped to bring it up to the levels that allowed the Canadian company to see its solutions adopted in the White House and other governments around the world.

While BlackBerry has largely turned its back on its BB10 platform, the firm has been granted a US national security certification for the operating system, allowing it to continue its development and make it even more suited to use by the US government and major corporates.