BlackBerry CEO – We need to keep up

BlackBerry CEO - We need to keep up

John Chen, the current chief executive officer of BlackBerry claimed the company needs to respond better to the "speed of change" in the industry.

Mr Chen, who took over the helm at the Canadian firm in November 2013, admitted previous difficulties had seen BlackBerry fall from the top of the smartphone market to the very bottom.

However, he insisted the company had done well to haul itself back “from the edge of death”, after finally accepting it had to change in order to progress.

Mr Chen told a recent  technology conference in Half Moon Bay, California: "You need to recognise the fact that you must change.

"People recognise the fact that we’ve pulled ourselves out from the edge of death.”

The main change at the company has been a shift in focus from creating smartphones, to specialising in mobile software for business.

While it has not completely turned its back on the hardware arm of the business, BlackBerry has shown noticeable willingness to change.

The best example is the recent BlackBerry Priv, which while containing Blackberry's trademark, the QWERTY keyboard, is running Google's Android operating system.

The reason for releasing a phone with an Android operating system, according to Mr Chen, was to do with being seen as the ideal opportunity for BlackBerry to showcase its security and privacy features.

Security appears to be an area where BlackBerry remains on top, but there is a real feeling that the company cannot afford to be left behind by the rest of the market once again.

“Forget about today’s market,” Mr Chen concluded. “The more important thing is what do you believe that the market beyond looks like.”