BlackBerry CEO predicts ‘death of tablets’ in 5yrs

BlackBerry CEO predicts ‘death of tablets’ in 5yrs

The rise of the tablet has been astronomical, with professionals utilising the mobility they provide for both personal and enterprise purposes.

However, Thorsten Heins, the chief executive of BlackBerry, believes that these devices could be dead within five years.

Speaking to Bloomberg, he explained that there will not be a reason to have a tablet in five years' time. However, he did predict that his firm will sell "millions" of its new Q10 handset, which features a physical QWERTY keypad.

He said that tablets in the workplace could be replaced with a big screen. "Tablets themselves are not a good business model," he added.

Mr Heins has a very clear image of what he wants for the future, as he said that by 2018 he wants BlackBerry to be the "absolute leader" in mobile computing.

"I want to gain as much market share as I can, but not by being a copycat," he concluded.

His views on the future of the tablet could be behind a recent interview where he claimed that he is not considering making another PlayBook device, which struggled to make an impact when it was launched.

The chief executive is confident that smartphones will continue to play a significant role in the world of business, however, and he noted that the new Q10, which has been well received in the UK, will be one of the more popular mobile devices.

"This [device] is going into the installed base of more than 70 million BlackBerry users, so we have quite some expectations. We expect several tens of millions of units."

BlackBerry has been through some very significant changes in recent months, with the announcement of a move away from its Research In Motion name, the launch of the BB10 operating system and new handsets in the shape of the Z10 and Q10.

This ability to change and innovate is something that Mr Heins believes sets BlackBerry apart from rival Apple, as he believes the US firm has stagnated and not adapted its devices to the needs of professionals.