Benefits of BYOD justify dealing with its challenges

Benefits of BYOD justify dealing with its challenges

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is continuing to grow across the UK, with many organisations embracing the new way of working.

However, it does provide a number of challenges and security issues as employees can access sensitive corporate information on their own mobile devices away from the workplace.

Phil Gillard, general manager at, said that the advantages of allowing BYOD far outweigh security worries associated with the trend.

He added that a key advantage of embracing the trend is managing multi-site projects.

This is due to the fact that mobile workers can each access the same data and therefore collaborate and communicate much more easily, increasing productivity.

Mr Gillard also noted that firms can overcome security issues with software additions.

Mobile device management is one way to reduce the risks of sensitive data being lost or stolen, as it is possible to wipe employees' devices remotely and limit the chances of information falling into the wrong hands.