A third of tablets used for corporate purposes

A third of tablets used for corporate purposes

Tablets are continuing to grow in popularity, and businesses are beginning to take advantage of the flexible nature of the devices in greater numbers.

According to a report conducted by Forrester Research, a third of the 760 million tablets expected to be in use by 2016 will be used for work-related purposes.

The Tablets Will Rule The Future Personal Computing Landscape report revealed that the tablet market will continue to grow in the next five years, with 375 million expected to be sold in 2016.

Forrester agrees that tablet usage is already broad, and continuing to accelerate, with 24 per cent of global information workers reporting using tablets for work, including 44 per cent of executives and 30 per cent of salespeople.

The research firm is also predicting that mobile devices will surpass personal computers in the workplace, becoming the majority of devices used for work by 2016.

Cloud services are also predicted to become dominant to the point of usurping the users' choice of device.

The firm believes business users will choose a core personal cloud service first, followed by their handset.