82% of workers fear invasion of privacy through BYOD

82% of workers fear invasion of privacy through BYOD

Some employees are uncomfortable with the nature of the bring your own device (BYOD) policy at their workplace, despite bosses welcoming the various benefits the practice provides.

A survey conducted on behalf of Fiberlink by Harris Interactive found that of the 2,243 people that were asked about their workplace BYOD policy, 82 per cent consider the ability of their employer to track them is an invasion of privacy.

The staff claimed that their company's access to BYOD software allowed them to track what workers were doing and monitor other activity.

Three-quarters of respondents also said they would not allow their employer to install an app which gives the company the ability to locate them out of work hours in exchange for access to corporate resources.

Another demonstration of the potential problems and misunderstanding of the concept of BYOD was that 86 per cent of respondents feared the deletion of their personal pictures, music and email profiles.

In the event of a device being lost or stolen, many firms have implemented mobile device management (MDM). This has a host of benefits, the most impressive of which allows companies to delete sensitive data.

While this can spark concern over the deletion of personal information, it is also possible for individuals and companies to 'sandbox' data. This means anything related to the enterprise is all kept in one place. Not only does this make the device easier to use for workers, it also allows firms to delete the data and leave all of the personal information there. This is a great solution for many people using their own devices for work-related purposes as should the equipment resurface they will still have their contacts, pictures and other personal information.

Those with no concern for their privacy under a BYOD system are in a distinct minority, with just 15 per cent of the survey's respondents saying they were not at all worried about the software installed on the personal device.