5G is ‘happening now’, says Qualcomm director

5G is ‘happening now’, says Qualcomm director [Image: Melpomenem via iStock]

Delivering his ‘5G Vision Presentation’ keynote speech at the 5G Innovation Summit held in California, Qualcomm technical marketing director Matt Branda said that 5G is “happening now”.

According to Mr Branda, 5G has moved past vision into development. He said: “We’re well beyond talking about the 5G vision now, and as an industry we’re well into the development phase as well as the standardisation phase of 5G.”

Mr Branda pointed to three use cases for 5G: the Internet of Things, better mobile broadband and mission-critical services. He also explained that mobile networks will have to adapt data contracts to encourage users to take advantage of the very high speeds offered by 5G.

He explained that a user could go through an entire month’s data allowance in less than two minutes on a 5G network that delivers speeds of 100Gbps. He said: “The way things work today is not going to work in a world where we’re delivering 100 Gbps consistently.”

Mr Branda’s speech follows his company’s announcement that it would be producing a 5G modem. The Snapdragon X50 5G modem will initially support operation in millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum in the 28GHz band.

It has been designed to support original equipment manufacturers building the next generation of mobile devices, as well as aid operators with early 5G trials and deployments.

The 5G Innovation Summit was held to discuss issues like waveform candidates, making accurate measurements at frequencies up to 60GHz.

Meanwhile, ABI Research has said that while mobile network operators and vendors meet current market demands with LTE-A and LTE-A Pro, pre-standard 5G millimeter wave deployments are imminent.

The company has forecast that 5G in the cm and mm wave bands will reach nearly $200 billion (£159 billion) in cumulative service revenues by 2026 while LTE, LTE-A, and LTE-A Pro exceed five billion subscriptions.