4 ways to enjoy video conferencing on the move

4 ways to enjoy video conferencing on the move

There is little doubting the fact that video conferencing has proved to be something of a game changer for many businesses, no matter what sector they happen to be operating within.

It is a technology that has become something of a common feature in many boardrooms across the country, making long-distance business links more intimate and flexible than ever.

Flexibility has become a key part of the modern workforce, particularly in the age of mobile working, with devices such as smartphones and tablets more popular than ever before.

With both types of devices becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is only a matter of time before businesses begin to recognise the importance of video conferencing on the move, although there are still some golden rules that need to be observed.

Stop shaking

When you're trying to talk business, it is important to eliminate any possible distractions. That becomes almost impossible if your image is flickering all over the screen and is sure to annoy the person on the other line. It also places the user at risk of not making strong face-to-face contact, which is arguably the main advantage of using a video conferencing tool.

Therefore, it is important to ensure you set up your mobile device so that any movement is kept to a minimum.

Ensure you have the right equipment

There's no use installing the necessary apps and software onto your mobile device in the blind assumption that everything will function properly. Ensure your hardware is up to the job, both in terms of power and camera quality.

Find a suitable location

While true flexibility allows employees to work from anywhere, it is important not to push the boundaries too far. For instance, it will hardly look professional if you decide to conduct a business meeting in a noisy, messy and run down environment. Always find somewhere that will allow you to remain professional and approachable.

Always connect to Wi-Fi if possible

Although mobile connectivity has reached impressive levels of quality in recent years, coverage is not always ensure complete reliability. Given that there are more Wi-Fi hotspots dotted around the UK than ever before, there is no reason to settle for a substandard connection.