10m employees to use own devices by 2016

10m employees to use own devices by 2016

Businesses allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for work-related purposes are expected to grow in the coming years, according to new analysis.

A report by TechMarketView revealed that almost ten million workers will be using their personal devices in the office or at home by 2016.

The firm indicated that five million employees were using their own devices by the end of last year, with the bring you own device trend expected to continue.

Phil Coding, research director at TMV, said employees who take advantage of BYOD schemes are often more productive.

"Employees are more satisfied using the tools they prefer, finance no longer has to bear the cost of company-owned devices and IT can use it as the driver to move to more modern technologies, such as the cloud," he said.

While the trend offers a number of benefits for businesses allowing staff to use their own smartphones and tablets, it can also pose data security challenges.