Switching Android Devices – Quick Guide

Switching Android Devices – Quick Guide

Here’s a handy guide to making it as easy as possible to switch between android devices

1) Sync Contacts with a Gmail account.

Most android users will already have a gmail account as you need it for markeplace access, but if you don’t then sign up for one and then go to “settings”, “accounts and sync” or “accounts”, then select the gmail account you are using and ensure that sync contacts and calendar are set to on. Force a sync by pressing the round sync button

2) Install SMS Backup Plus (Developer: Jan Berkel) – available from the android marketplace it enables you to sync SMS messages and call logs to / from your device and a gmail account. Once installed, go into advanced settings, backup settings and select backup sms, MMS (if needed) and call logs. Click to connect, and the device will open your browser to ask to to sign in to your gmail account (it needs to do this as a third party app even if you’re signed into gmail services on the phone). Once signed in it will then sync these items with your gmail account

3) Once that’s all completed, log into Gmail via a PC browser and check that the sync’d contacts, sms etc are all there. On the old device go to settomg. privacy, ‘factory data reset’ to wipe the phone.  If you are not transferring your micro SD card into the new device then you should unmount it (via the menu option) and select ‘wipe’

4) Insert the SIM card (& micro-sd as required) in the new device, turn on the device and go throught the inital setup screen and make sure you add your gmail account during this process. If you are running Android 2.3 or later then go to settings, accounts & sync and ensure the gmail account has sync’d with the device

5) Go to android market, search for the SMS Backup Plus again and install it on the new device. Click on the restore option to restore the sms and call los (you’ll need to authenticate the new device against gmail)

6) On your PC go to https://market.android.com/ and click sign-in (top right). This will then log you into your Android Market account. Select My Market Account and this will give you a full list of all apps installed on any android phone under your account. Reselect any app you wich to install on the new device, and it will pop up the app details. Click on the ‘installed’ button under the name of that app and it will allow you to install the application onto a different device. You will have to do this manually for each app you need to re-install. Hopefully Google will make that an easier process at some point in time in the future!