Smartphones used by over half of internet users

Smartphones used by over half of internet users

A recent survey by the Office for National Statistics has found that half of internet users go online via their smartphone data connections.

With 45% of people surveyed saying they access the internet whilst they are out and about, its no wonder that the ONS survey revealed a seven fold increase in the use of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Use of the internet is changing the way we live and communicate very quickly. With most of us tied into 18 or 24 month contracts it is important that you check your data usage regularly and speak to your provider to make sure you are on the most suitable and cost effective tariff.


Manage your data usage so you don’t get bill shock
  • Use free Wi-Fi services whenever possible
  • Download a Data Counter to monitor your usage
  • Don’t stream video or audio for long periods on GSM. Use free Wi-Fi instead.
  • Some applications use data in the background without your knowledge. Log out when not in use, use an App killer / Data Toggle applications or check your device settings and turn off automatic background updates
  • Try not to use the device abroad for non-essential applications. For example, when checking email don’t download the attachments unless necessary and always try and use free Wi-Fi services and check your device is connected to the Wi-Fi before you proceed
  • Using your device as a tethered modem to connect to your company network over a VPN will potentially use a lot of data with hardly any compression
  • Most smartphones (excluding BlackBerry) do not compress mobile data. A 100MB download can sometimes be more than 100MB.

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