Rumours of iPhone 5 launching in October

Rumours of iPhone 5 launching in October

Rumour has it that the iPhone 5 will be launching in October. The word on the street is that Apple will make the launch announcement in Cupertino on the 7th September, with the handset due a month later in the UK.

The expectation is that this will coincide with the launch of iOS 5, which is due to bring the following new key features:

    • iMessage – Apple is going after the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) market. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you’ll be able to group message plus send photos, videos, contacts and text messages to users of any of the 3 devices.
    • Desktop free activation & sync – you’ll no longer need a PC/Mac to activate your device. As long as you have access to a Wi-Fi connection you’ll be able to sync to iTunes wirelessly, meaning that you can get rid of that pesky USB cable!
    • iCloud integration – any new contacts or calendar updates will be sent straight to the cloud and shared with all iCloud compatible devices. Apps and iBooks bought on different devices can be ‘pulled’ locally onto whichever iDevice you choose, direct from the iStore. Also, everything is backed up over Wi-Fi including music, photos and videos, apps and device settings.
    • Notification Centre – new notifications will now be aggregated into one swipe-down menu from the top of the screen.
    • Reminders – reminders can now be location sensitive, stored in lists and given specific dates. ‘Geo-fences’ are used to make the reminders activate when you leave or enter a location – which will sync across all devices and iCal.

Also, to compete with cheaper Android handsets, there is speculation that there will be a mid-range iPhone 4 launching at the same time as the iPhone 5. All in all it’s going to be an exciting autumn for Apple and, with yesterday’s announcement that Steve Jobs is to step down as Chief Executive, a time of change.

Rest assured we’ll keep you updated on developments as they happen.