Rove IT Mobile Admin introduces native support for the iPad

Rove IT Mobile Admin introduces native support for the iPad

Tablets are poised to change IT forever and this latest release of Rove IT Mobile Admin introduces native support for the iPad, along with full Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus support for Android tablets and phones so that they too can receive immediate alerts from monitors and incident management systems.

SAVE £125 per licence
You only have until March 31st to purchase Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus at a great discount – only £310 per licence. That’s £125 off the list price.
Now is the time to make sure every one of your IT staff are equipped with Rove Mobile Admin.


Native iPad Interface

Rove Mobile Admin 6.1 introduces purpose-built client software for the iPad platform. Optimised for the iPad’s resolution and touch screen interface, Mobile Admin turns your iPad into a high-performing, secure IT management solution. You’ll experience fast navigation and responsiveness as you take advantage of Mobile Admin’s many capabilities. Instant notification of occurring issues plus a comprehensive set of tools for diagnosing and resolving incidents are unleashed through the iPad giving you a powerful new way to keep everything and everyone up and running.

In addition, Rove’s client access licensing gives you the freedom to use Rove Mobile Admin with whichever mobile device suits you best at the time. Your unique login and associated user profile allows you to transition seamlessly between your iPad and smartphone.


A personal monitoring solution

Rove Mobile Admin 6.0 broke new ground by offering the ability to configure and securely receive personal alerts from a group of popular monitoring and service management systems.

Mobile Admin 6.1 gives you even more control with an easy-to-set-up monitor you can use on ANY Windows machine discoverable by the Mobile Admin server. You can set up thresholds for windows performance metrics like memory, local disk usage and CPU. If a threshold is crossed, we’ll send an alert directly to your device. We’re also offering a ping health check monitor you can use to watch anything with an IP address, such as non-windows servers, firewalls, routers, switches, and more.

And you can also directly monitor your Symantec Backup Exec status. If something goes wrong, you’ll get an alert immediately.


More new features

Rove Mobile Admin 6.1 is packed with new features. In addition to the new monitors and clients, the following are also available:

  • CA Service Desk Change Management – realise incredible operational efficiencies with mobile access to your change management requests
  • TN3270 and TN5250 available for Android
  • SSH/Telnet enhancements for BlackBerry and Android users – conveniently paste details into emails, service requests, incident tickets, notes
  • Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus supports iPad, Android Tablets and Android Phones in addition to iPhones and BlackBerrys