What can the PlayBook OS 2.0 bring to your business?

What can the PlayBook OS 2.0 bring to your business?

The recent release of new operating system for the BlackBerry PlayBook is one of the most exciting events in the world of tablet computers in recent months, but what can it do for your business?

One of the most notable improvements is the inclusion of a native email application, which enables users to set up a corporate account with Exchange Active Sync.

Previously email worked over an innovative Bridge system which linked a BlackBerry mobile device with the tablet. Even though this was very impressive, it proved to be impractical in some situations.

Another bonus feature of the new OS is the Android App support, which enables users to load applications from a PC directly to the PlayBook and run them in the Android Player.

The PlayBook now also features the ability to create folders and pin the most used applications to the top of the main task bar to allow easy access, saving vital seconds throughout the day.

RIM has also implemented a BlackBerry News application, which brings together all of the user's RSS feeds in one place to enable them to keep up to speed with the latest information.

Finally, the new Print to go feature allows PlayBook users to send documents to the tablet securely and wirelessly, as well as providing the capability to print from applications.