Number of teething problems with new iPad

Number of teething problems with new iPad

The launch of the new iPad last month was yet another success for Apple, but as always a number of problems have been found with the device.

It is literally the hottest device on the market at the moment, with some early adopters of the next generation tablet complaining of overheating.

Apple did release an official statement claiming that the temperatures recorded by a Dutch website were not a concern as it fell "well within our thermal specifications" of 32-95 degrees.

However, new research has discovered that the tablet can actually reach temperatures of 116 degrees Farenheit (46C), well above Apple's thermal specifications.

The Wi-Fi has also had some issues, with early adopters complaining about the range and quality of connection, as well as seemingly related entire system crashes.

Battery issues have also been raised by users, with the Cupertino giant admitting that the new iPad can show a 100 per cent charge, when this may not necessarily be the case.

Apple says this feature has always been part of iOS and allows users to keep the device plugged in as long as they want, as it discharges slightly and then recharges.