New iPad uses data allotment rapidly

New iPad uses data allotment rapidly

The launch of the new iPad has been fraught with teething problems, from delays in orders to the device overheating, but perhaps the most worrying is the speed at which the gadget eats its way through users' data allotment.

This is particularly the case for US users with access to the 4G technology, as the faster network provides superior viewing and quicker downloads, meaning there is time to use up more data.

Users do not experience the hiccups that occurred while using the old 3G systems and therefore spend more, which can result in bill shock if the user is unaware of the amount of data they are using.

To help avoid just this situation, the new iPad has a 50MB per app download limit on 4G, however it is a per app limit, meaning that using and downloading a range of smaller apps could lead the user to go over their limit.

Using Wi-Fi can help extend the life of a data plan, so business users looking to avoid being hit with a hefty bill should always look to take advantage of Wi-Fi in their home of in public places.