Microsoft launch Windows 8 beta for tablets

Microsoft launch Windows 8 beta for tablets

Microsoft has used the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona this week to unveil the beta version of its new software, Windows 8, for its tablet computers.

Windows boss Steven Sinofsky described the new product as a "generational change" in its approach to computing and the most radical innovation since Windows 95 was launched.

The new operating system features 'tiles' that can be moved around the screen or tapped to provide easy access to applications, which are updated in real time, so users can spot and pick up new emails and voice messages at a glance, as well as working well with Microsoft Exchange.

It has been made available as a free trial download, but no official release date has been announced, although it is expected to be available in autumn.

Microsoft's office suite will be offered free on tablets, which many experts have described as a 'killer app' that could see the firm compete with its major rivals.