Hugely positive reviews for Google Pixel camera

Image: demaerre via iStock

The reviews are in for the new Google Pixel and it has drawn some very solid praise from tech fans.

With the vast majority of reviews looking positively on the Pixel, one of the most complimented features is the camera. With camera rating firm DxoMark ranking it the best camera provided by a smartphone, there have been few reviews that have not praised this feature.

The Guardian said it took “well judged photos with an excellent amount of fine detail” whilst Wired said it was a “truly great camera”.

Reviews for the new Android operating system Nougat – which the Pixel is the first to run on – are also largely positive, with tech experts pointing to the newly introduced aspects as hugely beneficial. These include faster operation and longer battery life.

The Pixel’s battery can last up to 24 hours on one charge, according to the Guardian. This is a standard length of time for current smartphones, with many of the market leaders operating for roughly the same amount of time.

The new Google Assistant has had mixed reviews. Wired called it “the best voice assistant yet – though not as far ahead as advertised”. The Guardian said it was “one of the most capable voice assistants available” but the Inquirer pointed out that “interactions with third-party apps are off the table,” meaning that some things will have to be done by the user.

One area in which the Pixel is lacking, according to many reviewers, is that it is not waterproof. Currently, the major market leading smartphones are all water resistant, including Apple’s iPhone 7 and many of Samsung’s Android devices.

General reviews for the Pixel were very positive. The Telegraph said it is “lightning fast, well built and comes packed with an array of pleasing features,” and Wired urged people to “get a Pixel”. Alphr called it a “superb smartphone” whilst CNET gave it a rating of 8.8 out of ten.