Details of BlackBerry Passport revealed

Details of BlackBerry Passport revealed

Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has revealed more details of its brand new upcoming release, Passport.

The phablet is set to come with a number of features the firm believes will help secure the long-term future of the company

Perhaps one  of the most noticeable parts of the new model is the fact that scrolling is made easier, with the keyboard allowing the users to swipe up and down to scroll on long lists, either on a document or on a browser page. This means they can keep their fingers away from the screen and instead focus on the information in front of them.

Cursor control and text selection is also improved, with BlackBerry's productivity enhanced and reinvented.

Users can simply double-tap the keyboard and then drag to drop the cursor at the exact point they want.

As well as their distinctive QWERTY keyboards BlackBerry phones have long been known for boasting some of the best security features available on the market, and it seems that Passport is no different.

The new handset comes complete with the firm's unique security and encryption feature, which is capable of protecting emails and messages.

According to Business News Daily, it also contains software capable of foiling any attempt to reproduce personal contacts and data from the device, while also having the ability to prevent access to apps, and monitoring activities among others.

The new model, which had previously been leaked under the name Windermere, has been hailed by the firm's chief executive officer John Chen as a product that will help the company regain its status as one of the most dominant brands on the market.

Before its unveiling, Mr Chen told the Jakarta Post:  "If we will do another thing, we will probably go to phablet. I think if you look at our strategy and if you look at where the market goes, there is definitely a good market for something between a phone and tablet.”