BlackBerry Playbook now set up for emails

BlackBerry Playbook now set up for emails

The new PlayBook OS 2.0 from BlackBerry has brought the PlayBook fully up to speed as it now offers native email compatibility.

When RIM launched the PlayBook it explained that the lack of email compatibility was deliberate to boost security, as BlackBerry Bridge allowed users to temporarily access their emails when their tablet and BlackBerry mobile phone were nearby.

It was a clever innovation, but now the free update has given PlayBook users more choice in the way they access their emails. Users can now choose to receive their emails via Exchange ActiveSync or continue using BlackBerry Bridge for more security.

The native application is as straightforward and effective as on RIM's smartphones, from its simplicity to set-up to its speedy email delivery.

RIM has designed its new email platform so business users can keep work correspondence and private email separate, with rules for each set by the company, which many believe is an ingenious way around the issue of security.

The PlayBook has also recently been praised for its word processing and spreadsheet programs, as well as its on screen keyboard.