BlackBerry Passport successor leaked

BlackBerry Passport successor leaked

Canadian smartphone manufacturer already seems set to build on the release of its recent Passport model, with images of leaked images appearing to outline three new devices.

One model is the slide-out keyboard device that was briefly previewed at the recent MWC 2015 event in March, while another phone seems to be part of its Porsche Design affiliate program.

Having previously focused on software solutions and mobile security platforms, it now seems the company, under the continued guidance of BlackBerry's chief executive officer John Chen, has now turned its attention back to creating hardware.  

The as of yet unnamed sliding keyboard handset, if recent leaked images are anything to go by, will feature a curved design, while there has already been plenty of speculation over the name.

Reports have suggested that the current contenders include “BlackBerry Slider” and “BlackBerry Venice”.

The other model to be pictured is believed to be a successor to the Passport, containing a square design, a fixed keyboard and a potential 1440 x 1440 pixel display.

The third potential release has been designated as a P9984, containing more angular features, boasting the sort of design that has caused a number of onlookers to suggest it could be part of BlackBerry's partnership with Porsche.