Best Android apps to boost productivity

Image: scyther5 via iStock

The Android app store is a huge resource to workers and their employers, offering a range of apps designed to boost productivity and efficiency at work.

Here, we give a run-down of some of the most effective tools offered by Android.


Primarily a to-do app, Any.DO offers a number of special features designed specifically for Android. It allows users to create lists, attach media files to tasks as well as set recurring reminders for regular appointments.

It can be synced between mobile, tablet and computer so users can access their lists of things to do anywhere and update them on the move. Location-based reminders can also be set, which could be a useful tool for travelling workers.

On Android only, Any.DO will alert users to a missed call and check if you want to call the person back then or set a reminder to call them later.

Today Calendar

Available to Android users, Today Calendar’s intention is to provide high functionality along with “stunning aesthetics”, according to its developer.

It modifies a number of stock calendar features and enables users to make phone calls, find addresses or begin an email with just one tap.

When work revolves around planning and scheduling appointments, deadlines and meetings, a decent calendar is essential. Today Calendar can offer this to users.


If you need to save links to news stories, videos or any other content you come across online, Pocket can help.

The app allows users to save the piece of content in its app, keeping everything together. It can work offline so a WiFi or 4G connection does not have to be present in order to access the information. Tags can also be added for organisation purposes.

Pocket can be accessed on different devices so it makes it possible to find on your tablet what you saved on your smartphone.

Google Drive

Although not an app, Google Drive makes it easier to work remotely. It allows users to save documents to the cloud and access them on different devices.

Google Drive works with the Google Docs app to enable users to edit files, which is a useful tool for users who need to work remotely or while travelling to and from events or meetings.

Users can share documents from the app, while setting their own access levels for who can view, edit or comment. Offline viewing can also be selected, which could help users who need to work without an internet connection, for example, when on a plane or in a taxi.


Small business owners or freelancers may find Invoice2Go a helpful tool. It allows users to save invoices to the cloud, which means that they will be available to view on smartphones or tablets.

It eliminates the need for physical paperwork in many cases and users can send invoices as soon as a job is finished. The app comes with a wide variety of templates as well as reminders to send to clients when invoices are due to be paid.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

For people who need to view PDFs, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the default app, but this is for a good reason. It is functional and works well on mobile devices.

It can display a variety of PDF documents, including forms and files with passwords. Users can search documents and use bookmarks. It is also possible to annotate and electronically sign files with the app.