Apple iPad HD rumoured

Apple iPad HD rumoured

Apple's scheduled press event later this week is rumoured to mark the official unveiling of the next generation iPad, with many predicting it will feature a high definition screen.

The rumour mill has been in overdrive in recent months concerning the name of the new product from the Cupertino giant, but it seems it will be the iPad HD.

If Apple does announce the iPad HD later this week, rumours suggest users can expect it to have a quad-core processor, eight mega-pixel camera and a retina display running at a resolution of 2048×1536.

Should the rumours turn out to be true, the new iPad promises to boast the brightest and sharpest images as well as amazingly sharp edges.

Images of the casing for the iPad 3 show a very similar shape and design to its predecessor, but with a thicker case.

The screen is thought to be the same 9.7 inches as the current iPad, but rumours suggest Apple might have a smaller version waiting in the wings for release in autumn 2012.