Z30 could be BlackBerry’s best yet

Z30 could be BlackBerry’s best yet

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry has released its latest piece of hardware, the Z30, with some analysts labelling it as the firm's best phone yet.

In terms of design, it is difficult to be greatly moved, as the Z30 is not particularly unique, although those buying it are unlikely to be too concerned.

It is noticeably more solid and well-built, with an air of robustness helped by 9.4mm thickness and 170 gram weight, while BlackBerry claims that the Z30's carbon fibre-like weave case is twice as strong as plastic. It means that this is indeed a smartphone that is built to last.

One other noticeable highlight is the phone's 720 x 1280 pixel screen, which delivers decent black levels, solid brightness and excellent reproduction of colours, a feat that is not always made that easy with an Amoled screen.

Much like many other BlackBerry phones, the Z30 is primarily a business-focused handset and offers almost anything one would need in order to work while on the go, including 4G support on all UK networks, Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC, as well as a mircoSD card slot to bring the total amount of storage up to a potential 64GB.

Perhaps one of the stand-out features of the phone, however, is its 2880mAh battery, which is the largest to have ever been placed into a BlackBerry phone.

In his review for the International Business Times, writer David Gilbert said: "I managed to get a consistent day-and-a-half use from the phone and on occasion it lasted a full two days – and this was with the likes of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and push email always on."

Another noticeable feature is the inclusion of BlackBerry's 10.2 software, which brings with it several features that are bound to interest many users, including a new lock screen notification system, which lets you gain a glancing preview of your emails, messages, BBMs and missed calls without having to unlock the handset.