Windows phone ‘will overtake Google Android’

Windows phone ‘will overtake Google Android’

Windows new smartphone operating system has been tipped to eventually overtake Google's Android in the future.

This is the opinion of Matthew Baxter-Reynolds, an independent software development consultant and author, who said Apple's iOS and Google's Android currently have the advantage, but that Windows will become "more interesting".

He explained that there will be a conversion of what Microsoft is doing with Windows 8, Windows RT and the Microsoft service devices.

"If you talk to someone who has an Android phone, they don't really know they have an Android phone, they will say they have a HTC or Samsung phone.

"That is really going to hurt Google in this new world, because it will be about this top to bottom eco-system strategy which Microsoft seems to be doing a really good job at lining up," he explained.

Mr Baxter-Reynolds noted that at the moment people are sticking with Android when they don't want an iPhone, but that is likely to change when the Windows phone establishes itself.