Will the iPhone 5 have fingerprint scanning technology?

Will the iPhone 5 have fingerprint scanning technology?

Fingerprint scanning technology could be included in the new iPhone 5 with Apple expected to confirm its acquisition of AuthenTec in the coming weeks.

A deal of around £228 million should be ratified when the board of AuthenTec meet on October 4th. According to merger documents, the organisation is already making 2D fingerprint sensors for the iPhone 5 and a future iPad 4.

"Details are scarce but [Apple's] desire to use the technology and see it developed quickly leads us to speculate that we could see it in just a matter of weeks," said Matt Brian of The Next Web.

The latest iPhone is expected to be unveiled on September 12th and could also feature a music streaming service to rival the likes of Spotify and Pandora.

Rumours suggest that there will be changes to the charging port, meaning that current accessories like speaker docks will be unusable.

A bigger battery will allow users to get more out of their phone for longer, while the screen is expected to grow in size, making the phone larger, but also slightly thinner.