What does 4G mean for your business?

What does 4G mean for your business?

Following the launch of the new iPad there was a lot of talk about its 4G connectivity, but as the UK looks to get up to speed with the technology, what could it mean for your business?

Currently the vast majority of the UK is not ready to offer mobile device users 4G LTE connectivity, but when it does there are a wide range of benefits the technology has over its predecessor, 3G.

As anybody who uses their mobile device for business will know, 3G is often slow and frustrating, but once 4G is rolled out this issue will be a thing of the past. It will offer download speeds of up to 50 Mbps.

The technology is available in the US and has been getting rave reviews from people who have picked up the new iPad.

Sadly, in the UK, rolling out 4G LTE is not as easy as it is across the pond. In the UK the bands that could be used for rolling out 4G are currently used for the 3G network and for TV, making it a no go for the moment.

So it could be the next generation iPad, expected in 2013, that provides UK businesses with the benefits of 4G connectivity, as the major communications firms battle it out for their share of the spectrum in Ofcom auctions.