Vodafone to increase investment in 4G network

Vodafone to increase investment in 4G network

Vodafone has announced that it will be increasing investment in its upcoming 4G LTE network by 50 per cent, with a launch mooted for later this year.

The London-based company announced on Monday that it will spend over £900 million, or £2.5 million a day, on the process until the new system is finally launched.

Most of the additional spending will be made on integrating the fixed-line network that it managed to purchase through the acquisition of Cable and Wireless Worldwide last year, which saw it obtain a 20,500km fibre optic network that will be integrated with its collection of mobile phone masts, offering more coverage at a greater speed.

A previous announcement suggested that the service would be available by the end of the year, but Vodafone has now revealed that it plans to ensure it is up and running by the latter part of this summer.

Vodafone already spent around £800 million in order to outbid rivals in the auction of wireless spectrum in February.

Chief executive guy Laurence said: "For consumers, it's another important step towards the arrival of our ultra-fast 4G service later this year.

"We're investing in vital national infrastructure that can help play an important role in supporting growth in the wider economy."

The company has already set up a similar service in Spain last month, which covered a total of seven cities.

There is already a hope that the new network could be used to inject fresh life into the Spanish economy, as it could see as much as €12 billion (£10.27 million) pumped into country.

And when its UK launch finally arrives, the firm hopes to cover as much as 98 per cent of the population, promising faster downloads, uploads, and video streaming, by 2015.

The pricing for the new service is yet to be announced, but is expected to be on the same level or cheaper than current provider EE, which launched last year.