Vodafone to extend 4G roaming

Vodafone to extend 4G roaming

UK network Vodafone has announced that it is to allow customers the chance to take advantage of its 4G service when abroad, thanks to its decision to expand its 4G roaming services to an additional four EU destinations.

Users will now be able to access the company's superfast service in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

Pay-monthly customers will also be able use the network's EuroTraveller scheme, which enables the activation of their UK data allowance from just £2 a day when travelling abroad.

This service will be available until August 31st, after which point data usage will be charged at the network's Europe Zone rates, which is available in 40 countries.

France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Turkey and Ireland are just some of the nations to be part of Vodafone's Europe Zone.

The move is likely to not only appeal to British holidaymakers, but also a number of business travellers, many of whom may have otherwise found it difficult to connect to a 4G network in the past.

Yet now, with it being easier for workers to stay connected when outside of the country, it could be the case that many companies find it much simpler to expand their operations than ever before.

The rising importance of 4G has arguably been fuelled by the growing demand for smartphones as a means of staying connected.

This has given many companies the idea of adding bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies to their infrastructure, while also encouraging the use of other means of remote working, such as cloud computing.

The importance of the smartphone in the everyday workings of businesses across the country has not gone unnoticed by Vodafone, which has already stated its intention to increase its smartphone penetration, with the market currently accounting for almost 80 per cent of all of its sales and 62 per cent of its customer base.