Vodafone prepares 4G launch

Vodafone prepares 4G launch

Vodafone has announced that it will be launching its superfast 4G network in the UK at the end of August, with the service becoming available on the 29th.

The company has spent around £900 million on providing the fast mobile internet for its customers, with businesses also expected to benefit from the launch.

Vodafone's initial rollout will see the professionals in the capital able to access the service, with a further 12 cities expected to see the benefits by the end of the year.

Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and a host of other urban areas have been earmarked for the launch.

As the number of people working via mobile devices on the move increases, the use of 4G networks can have a very positive impact, providing quicker and easier access to company documents, applications and systems shared over the internet or hosted in the cloud.

Ofcom oversaw the auctioning off of the 4G spectrum earlier this year and it noted that the new technology is needed to meet the growing data demands of individuals and professionals in the UK.

The Vodafone 4G rollout will significantly improve reliability and performance and will push smartphones into the realm of tablets and laptops, as the current 3G network can at times be problematic and slow, boosting productivity and efficiency for companies operating flexible working practices.

4G will not just improve access to cloud-stored data, it will enable employees to communicate with each other no matter where they are through voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) and video conferencing.

The increased speeds will make the processes a lot smoother and valuable for companies that embrace new technology.

Vodafone's service will launch on the same day as O2's and will be followed by the end of the year by 4G from Three. The operators are hoping the launch will help them gain ground on EE, which was allowed to begin its superfast broadband network earlier than its competitors.