Vodafone named best in the UK for mobile voice calls

Vodafone named best in the UK for mobile voice calls [Photo: iStock/Marco_Piunti]

New tests of the UK's mobile networks have shown that the money spent on upgrading services by Vodafone has paid off, with the company delivering fantastic performance for its customers across the UK.

Over the past two years, Vodafone has spent more than £2 billion improving its mobile infrastructure nationwide, which is the most it has ever spent on improving services, and this has paid off, with leading independent mobile network testing company, P3, reporting that it now has its best network performance for 30 years recorded. 

With its investment, Vodafone spent big on things such as data, with more than 5,000 4G-enabled mobile sites installed across the UK to bring the faster mobile data connections to as much as 95 per cent of the British public. In the last two years, Vodafone has also moved to bring 3G connections for the first time to more than 80 rural communities across the UK. 

It also plans to spend another £2 billion in the coming three years to further improve its offering to its customers, and now even invites people to try the service before signing up to a contract full time with a 30-day trial for upgrading and new customers. 

As a result of the work that Vodafone has done, P3 said the company now offers the best performance for voice calls across the country as a whole, as well as also delivering the best voice and data network in London for the second year in a row, and a UK-wide performance on data that is in line with its competitors.

Vodafone UK chief executive Nick Jeffery said: “We’re building the UK’s strongest network designed, site by site, to meet all of our customers’ needs, wherever they are. These results are a welcome validation that our massive investment programme is making a real difference for our customers.”