Vodafone expands global reach for 4G customers

Vodafone expands global reach for 4G customers

Business trips to Dubai and Monaco are set to become much easier for Vodafone's 4G customers, with the company adding eight new countries to its roaming services.

The total number of countries available to Vodafone 4G customers now stands at 71, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Dominican Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kenya, Monaco, Morocco and Slovakia all now covered.

The move means Vodafone's 4G customers can use UK data, text and call allowances for £3 a day, while business customers can take advantage of roaming deals for £3 in Europe and £6 elsewhere.

The move comes ahead of news that the European Union (EU) is to abolish roaming charges from 2017, meaning European mobile users will pay the same amount for calls, texts and data as they would in their home country.

"Fair use" limits are also set to be introduced to prevent citizens from abusing the system by buying SIM cards with cheaper tariffs from abroad, although the terms are still yet to be decided by the EU.

The EU says the measures will unlock a host of benefits for consumers, while operators will be poised to take advantage of increased demand.

The new regulations could also pave the way for innovations that may slot into bring your own device (BYOD) policies, including connected cars and other new types of mobile applications not limited by borders.