Vast majority of organisations in favour of BYOD, despite security concerns

Vast majority of organisations in favour of BYOD, despite security concerns

The vast majority of organisations operating in finance technology, healthcare, government and education support the use of a bring your own device (BYOD) approach for some or all of their employees.

That is the main finding of a new survey from Bitglass, which found that 72 per cent companies were in favour of implementing some form of BYOD policy.

Employee satisfaction was seen as the key reason for implementing BYOD, although those working in government proved to be the exception, with only 44 per cent valuing BYOD highly.

However, the survey also found that a large number of companies are still not taking the threat of data security seriously, with only 14 per cent of survey respondents found to have successfully deployed a Mobile application Management (MAM) solution.

It means a number of firms may experience difficulties in controlling access to corporate data and enforcing device encryption.

Not that there's any a lack of awareness towards security issues, with the survey suggesting that 52 per cent of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) believe privacy to be the main inhibitor to BYOD adoption.

Data leaks, which have made plenty of headlines over the last few weeks, was cited as the top concern for 81 per cent of businesses operating in the financial services, 90 per cent of healthcare services and 79 per cent of education organisations.

Nat Kausik, chief executive officer at Bitglass, said: “The threat of data leakage is more prevalent than ever, as employees look to access sensitive corporate information on mobile devices outside the corporate network.

"Unfortunately, few organisations have adequate risk-control measures in place. Fewer than half support critical capabilities such as device encryption and DLP – a gap that suggests more-comprehensive BYOD security solutions are needed.”